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Vision for Regional Priorities

A prosperous, diversified, and energetic group of communities
                that value their:

Alberta Central steel railway trestle   - unique cultural and agricultural heritage,
   - transportation and natural history,
   - intelligent and balanced growth,
   - co-operative relationships with
        their municipalities and neighbours,

   - healthy population and environment and

   - innovative and green approach to
         development and infrastructure.

Harvard at SpringbrookPromoting Alternate

    Specializing in Interurban Rapid Passenger
    Movement and Inter-Community Trails

Preserving Our Varied Heritage
    Specializing in the Transportation History
    that made Central Alberta a major
    distribution hub

Celebrating Our Rich Diversity
    from First Nations to the European settlers
    to an increasingly global community

Canadian Pacific 2816Advocating Intelligent Growth
    with emphasis on higher density residential
    nodes surrounded by open space

Protecting Our Environment
    Cherishing the natural beauty of our land,
    water and air that is the lifeblood of our
    communities, our spirit and our wildlife

Exploring Community Options
    Encouraging opportunities for growth and
    fulfillment for children, youth, young adults
    and seniors

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