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Wetland fountain at Leon's Gasoline AlleySustainable Community
and Responsible Growth

Growth is inevitable, especially in an area so rich in attractions and resources and centrally located in the Calgary-Edmonton major economic corridor. However, growth often creates conflicts over different perspectives for proper land use.

Striking a balance between the needs of a variety of residential, commercial and industrial developments with agriculture, tourism, recreation, community well-being and the environment is always a challenge.
wetland at Gasoline AlleyPre-planned utility and transportation corridors, growth zones, open space and recreation need to be co-ordinated by the various municipalities within our region. Our sustained economic prosperity requires intelligent growth which means efficient use of the land, water and air, density considerations to preserve prime agricultural land and the protection of wildlife corridors and natural areas.

Municipalities must be diligent in their efforts to ensure that growth benefits a variety of needs for both the present and future generations rather than short-term gain for the benefit of a few.
proposed biorefinery near InnisfailIntelligent industrial development includes projects that use renewable resources, reduce the dependence on fossil fuels, have a minimal impact on the environment and are beneficial to local communities. Biofuel plants should use feedstock that does not reduce the food supply and generate a significant net reduction in greenhouse gases.
Red Deer skylineIntelligent commercial development must not only meet the needs of consumers but also be friendly and accessible to pedestrians and preserve natural features. Shopping centres need to find ways to minimize surface parking or at least make them visually attractive.

Intelligent residential development involves balancing higher densities with green space in urban areas and establishing mixed use contained neighbourhoods that reduce the need to drive everywhere in order to get anything. Rural residential development should be in clusters or growth hamlets to maximize infrastructure and preserve agricultural land and natural areas.

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