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wetland near PenholdOur Environment

We are the stewards of our land, water, air, wildlife and community. It's already becoming evident that our water resources are not as renewable as we once may have thought. And urban sprawl is threatening natural areas and agricultural land resulting in disruptions in wildlife corridors, natural eco-systems and future food supply.
As important as development may be to our prosperity, the loss of wetlands, treed areas and other natural habitat will impact our ability in the future to maintain the natural beauty and resources that we value and the region is known for.
Red Deer RiverRespectful and controlled public access to river valleys, other waterways and natural areas using trails and educational interpretive centres similar to the Kerry Wood Nature Centre will help generate a healthy appreciation for the environment and the inter-dependent eco-systems. However, uncontrolled access by all-terrain and other off-road vehicles threaten the sensitivity of those areas. Options need to be explored to provide facilities or areas that off-road vehicles can be enjoyed without having negative impacts on the environment.

Waskasoo CreekAlthough there is a case to be made for constructed wetlands as a means of storm water management, great care must be taken to avoid the destruction of natural habitat in the process.
One of the great challenges facing us today is how to get rid of our garbage. Expanding landfills can no longer be considered sustainable. Turning garbage to gas, electricity or biofuels has become technologically feasible. The recent Plasco proposal to use that technology in the region to turn garbage to gas, power and other usable products could put the region on the leading edge of green technology in the country.

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