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youth presentation at Red Deer festivalCommunity Options
needed in Red Deer County
There are playgrounds for children but our youth, especially those in their teens, need productive options and opportunities for recreation, personal development and community service when they're not in school.
A place to hang out, keep fit, productively interact with their peers and use their creativity for the betterment of themselves and the community would tend to keep them away from the more destructive options that are available to them.
community centreOn the other end of the age spectrum, our society is aging and living longer so there needs to be options for transportation and recreation for those who are retired in the rural and hamlet communities.
Springbrook, the largest hamlet in the region, needs a permanent community centre, public recreational facilities and an elementary school to act as focal points for the community, especially its youth.
River Glen schoolOne of the great challenges of our time and in our region is the need for more schools to educate the increasing number of children while at the same time recognizing that the overall demographics are aging. Another challenge is providing an increasing variety of recreational and cultural facilities at a time of escalating costs to build and maintain them. Partnerships between civic authorities, community groups and businesses offer an opportunity to provide the necessary facilities.

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